Pure sports data

TEN14 is a data company using cutting edge artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning to solve complex problems in sports data and fan engagement.


Volume | Accuracy | Validation | Speed | Engagement


Raw Data

We use machine vision and motion capture to index data in real-time. We generate accurate, indexed, and labeled data – live from the camera feed.


Transformed Data

Our ‘Sports Insight Engine” ingests raw data to develop newly transformed data that can accurately predict the probability of any event within a sporting contest.



We have developed, tested, and validated engagement techniques. Inspired by our experience in social media, banking IT, and Hollywood movies.

We are TEN14

TEN14 has developed innovative ways to explore the major problems facing the sports data and fan engagement industries. Our focus is on Arena Team sports, Rugby Union, Soccer, American Football, Basketball and Rugby League.

Our proprietary ‘Sports Insight Engine’ can uniquely generate unlimited data and accurately predict the probability of any event within a sporting contest.

Our founders have international industry-leading experience in three converging tech industries: Science, Engineering, and Design. This diversity in perspective allows us to uncover unique solutions.

TEN14 is founded on collaboration and combining different ways of thinking.

"TEN14 are looking at sports data differently. I have never seen this approach in over ten years in the industry. It's completely original."​
Sports Industry Expert

Data, Analytics & Insights

We have developed a solution that combines data collection and creation with mechanistic models. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can model and predict complex biological systems.

We are currently providing three key services, and each can be accessed individually or combined for a complete solution to sports data.

Industry Application

TEN14 services the needs of customers and businesses spread over an array of sports sectors.

However, as we continue to develop our scientific techniques and processes, we see our services being made applicable to other industries where the study of optimal human movement is beneficial.

i.e., health care, police force, fire department, and others.

The Team

We’re a team of sports-crazed scientists, engineers and designers.