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Pure Sports Models

TEN14™ create AI models and digital twins of sports.

Our mission is to pioneer new ways to help sport.

What we do

TEN14™ create AI models to build continuous digital twins of sport from the first whistle to the last. Not just commonly collected discrete events in between and not just digital twins of athletes, but the whole sport, complete.

Over ten years, we have developed AI models in a science-based, non-commercial, pressure-free environment. This pure approach has enabled us to make evolutionary technological leaps with capabilities far beyond sport.

Our AI models are pattern-free and built on human movement and decision-making fundamentals.

"TEN14 bring innovation to this sport which will change how teams approach the game."​
Rich Worsel, Offensive Coordinator University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

Why we are different

1, We are the first to solve modeling complex sport and have created a process to move from sport to sport.

2. TEN14™ models are scientifically validated against real-world high-performance teams.

3. Our Sample Efficient Algorithm enables a sustainable, carbon footprint efficient approach, whereby we isolate precisely what data and quantity needed to make a difference.

4. We can create unlimited validated data.

5. Our models are dynamic and can facilitate unlimited inquiries.

Next Steps

We have completed a Validated Digital Twin of Rugby, a hugely complex sport to solve.

This year we complete our Digital Twin of American Football.

2024 Digital Twin of Soccer/Football.

2024 A fully generalized Digital Twin of Sport capable of modeling any sport.

We want to partner with those that can help scale our work and bring it to applications we haven’t even thought of.

We are exploring opportunities and are happy to consider an open range of commercial models for the IP etc.

The Team

We’re a team of sports-crazed scientists, engineers and designers.