Ireland has just come off a Grand Slam performance in the Six Nations, prompting the media to ask the reader to choose: England or Ireland in November.

For the first time in four years, come November 10th, the All Blacks will face England.

It’s one of the most highly anticipated test matches in recent history; two opposing heavyweights, battling it out for supremacy.

The test will be just that, a test for both sides, as they attempt to conquer either the white or black jerseys that oppose them.

Pride, confidence, satisfaction, a few terms that go on the line at Twickenham.

But, for the men in Black, the test just became that much more daring. Three nations now sit in awe, patiently waiting for what is about to come.

Beware the Boys in Green

Joe Schmidt recently led a talented Irish squad to their third Grand Slam title in their history. A win away to England making that victory on that historic Saint Patrick’s Day, that much sweeter.

The underdog status that Ireland was forced to bestow, the unlikelihood of some victories, they thrived off the pressure. Each player was accurate, doing their job week after week.

But the Grand Slam proved the worth of the Irish, cemented their number two status for the foreseeable future, and challenged the rugby world that the Irish, are here to play.

Now the relevance of this all, how it all ties together, is that on November 17th, one week after facing England, the All Blacks venture to Dublin. The Aviva Stadium will play host to another gladiatorial encounter between two rugby-mad nations. Eight months to the day from their sweetest of sweet victories at Twickenham.

For the rugby fandom that craves these matchups, those two games in succession will lead us perfectly into a Rugby World Cup year; the reason they play, the reason we watch.

The media wants the viewer to choose, pick a game like there’s only one on offer. But why?

England will be a challenge, it’s the game World Rugby is dying to see, but the Irish can’t be forgotten.

Both games are significant, especially heading into a World Cup year, so as a fanbase we need to fully immerse ourselves in what will be, two weeks of rugby greatness.

Beware the boys in Green, bring on November.


Author: Finn Morton

To say I’m obsessed with sport is an understatement. It was due to this passion that I realised a career in sports journalism was the way to go. I’m looking to spread my passion for sport whilst gaining some valuable experience.


  1. I don’t see any way the AllBlacks will consider the England test anywhere near as much a challenge as the Irish test in Dublin. Ireland clearly the second best team in the world, and in Dublin, perhaps even THE best.

  2. These two games in November may derail the preparations for the RWC for the teams involved. The November internationals are often used for the development of the teams. This year the All Blacks will want to field their strongest possible squad in both matches. While a loss to either England or Ireland would be seen as a set back, a loss to both would, I believe, be seen as a disaster in NZ and could see Ireland finish the year at the top of the rankings!


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