The French MVP, who is the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for France?

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) is not necessarily the best player in the team, but if you’re playing a World Cup Final tomorrow, who is the single player most important to the gameplan and outcome. Will the French MVP change during the Six Nations?

Nans Ducuing

Current fullback for the Bordeaux-Bègles has comfortably filled the shoes of Scott Spedding. It is said that Ducuing plays a Serge Blanco type of game, which is quick off the mark and a free-flowing attack style. He was part of the 2017 French tour in South Africa, where he made his debut during the second test, held in Durban. Although he is relatively new to this high level of rugby he poses a real threat when given the opportunity to attack.

Wesley Fofana

All though this player has been ruled out of the Six Nations due to injury, we can’t help but mention him as an MVP for this French side. Wesley Fofana is the glue in the French backline with his smooth decision making and ability to penetrate world class defensive lines. Rugby players from the McCaw’s era mention him being a threat in the midfield so let’s hope for a fast recovery to see this young buck back on the field.

For us, Wesley Fofana is the French MVP. Check out our video to see why.
For us, Wesley Fofana is the French MVP. Check out our video to see why.
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Guilhem Guirado

Is a player who has shown consistent professionalism since 2008. He has shown experience with the tight five and continues to improve his role as hooker and Captain. France are looking to develop their young players, but have kept 31-year-old captain in arms reach for upcoming test matches to demonstrate his knowledge of the game. Leading into the Six Nations he will provide his team with strong leadership, an understanding of the world-class teams as well as add to the “French Flair”.

The 1014 review how they see the French MVP

Let us know what you think? Have we missed something? Is there a blatant omission?

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