The Italian MVP, who is the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for Italy?

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) is not necessarily the best player in the team, but if you’re playing a World Cup Final tomorrow, who is the single player most important to the gameplan and outcome. Will the Italian MVP change during the Six Nations?

Carlo Canna

The promising fly-half and kicker has statistics that are at an elite level, but can he transfer that over from his Top 14 form to the standard that the 6 Nations require? Although he is young he doesn’t shy away from an opportunity when it arises, instead, he shows a promising work ethic and he would be a great asset to his team. We are expecting Canna to step up and if he does Italy can cause an upset.

Tommaso Castello

Is another to be added to the list, this young centre is really the only attacking threat Italy has in their backline. Certainly, based on what we saw in the November Internationals. His work with Canna will be key. If Canna can unleash his centre with accuracy he can make a real impact on the Six Nations. Why? Because it is evident that when you put Castello into space early, he poses a real threat.

Sergio Parisse

Who could forget one of the greatest No8 to have ever graced the game? He is the McCaw for this Italy side. He is renowned for his incredible passing skills and composure under the high ball. The real question here is will Parisse be able to make it through the Six Nations? It looks like Italy wants to keep experience within their forward pack, in doing so they might need to modify their game. Possibly putting Parisse on the side of the scrum during attack and then bringing him back to No8 during defence. We think it’s worth considering.

If Parisse makes it to the World Cup it will mean he has been playing Test rugby for 17 and a half years, which will add to the title of achievements this legend already has.

For us, Sergio Parisse is the Italian MVP. Check out our video to see why.
For us, Sergio Parisse is the Italian MVP. Check out our video to see why.
Photo: Pierre-Selim, via Flickr

The 1014 review how they see the Italian MVP

Let us know what you think? Have we missed something? Is there a blatant omission?


Author: Taylor Curtis

I have always shared a passion for rugby whether it is on or off the field.
Experiencing both forms of code from fifteens to sevens, my rugby season well and truly never ends. When I’m not playing, I’m studying towards my double degree in media communications and psychology.


  1. Parisse for life
    Blatant Omission: Michele Campagnaro, Exeter Chiefs outside center, had lot of progress since playing in England

  2. Got to be Parisse, however I’ve had a nagging feeling for the last couple of years that Italy may now need to move on. It has seemed to me that everything Italy do is geared to go through Parisse , he has been probaby been the best number eight in world rugby for the last ten years but is now slowing down & showing some wear & tear which is understandable carrying Italy the way he has. Maybe when he retires Italy will be forced to evolve and maybe/hopefully become a better all round team. If I was Connor O’Shea I would get him involved in some sort of coaching capacity as soon as possible. What a rugby brain that man has

  3. The Title story of 2017 for italy has one name: IAN MC KINLEY

    I would vote for Canna. He’s improving his kick ( finally a #10 in a football land ) and probably the best 10 in the last 10 years for the Azzurri.

    I hope to see the “next Parisse” soon ( Polledri? ) .

    The Big Absents of November (and 6 nations 2018) is flanker SIMONE FAVARO. The best italian tackler.
    and 2nd row Joshua Furno ( Currently playing for Otago in NPC 9 games-7 starts /3 try)


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