The pools have been decided for RWC 2019. Alas, the English find themselves in the pool of death once more. But the great news is, there is a sneaky little pool that will be making a lot of noise.


The Party Pool

The hosts Japan, Scotland and Ireland have been thrown into a pool and everyone will want an invite to the party. Imagine the fun to be had. It may be worthwhile joining The Party Pool for the pool stages and then moving on once the knockout stages take over.

The Irish bring some of the most entertaining, mad and respectful fans in the world. We have fond memories of the Irish in New Zealand in 2011. And how they upset all the pool predictions in beating Australia.

Photo: Anthony Au-Yeung /
Photo: Anthony Au-Yeung /

The Scottish bring amazing song, energy and humour. They have a much better Rugby World Cup track record than Ireland and were so unlucky not to get passed Australia in 2015. Scottish rugby is on the rise again and could be in a good spot come RWC 2019.

Photo: Mark Tantrum/
Photo: Mark Tantrum/

The host nation brings an unwavering appetite to celebrate any occasion to the maximum. Jamie Joseph has taken over the reigns and will surely add to their tradition and maintain their innovative reputation in world rugby. We need a strong Japan in the game.

Photo: Andrew Cornaga/
Photo: Andrew Cornaga/

The colour, the craziness and the singing! The noise and the energy levels in the streets will be worth the trip to Japan alone. Everyone will want an invite to The Party Pool!

RWC History

Japan made history by beating South Africa in the 2015 RWC. Japan will bring an edge to their game, they have earned respect and will force Scotland and Ireland to field their strongest teams. None of this resting the big guns for the minnows against Japan. The rugby and the after match will be top notch!

The Rugby World Cups just keep getting better. The 1014 likes to think that the 2011 RWC in New Zealand set a new tone on how a whole country can embrace an event. Best of luck Japan! Over to you… after The Lions Tour of course!


Author: Gareth Dinneen

Gareth is from Limerick, Ireland and has been obsessed with the All Blacks and NZ culture since 1989. He first arrived in NZ in 2001 to tutor in New Media and has since worked with Weta Digital on movies like Avatar, King Kong, The Avengers and most recently Valerian. Gareth grew up listening to his father Len on sports radio. Len is known as ‘The Voice of Rugby’ in Munster, Ireland. The 1014 brings Gareth right back to his sports media roots.


  1. Gareth, ‘The Party Pool’ is a great way to describe our group and the fans will no doubt be the most enthusiastic and colourful bunch in Japan. As a Scot I am both exited and dreading that 1st match of 2019, in some ways I wish it was your team who had the honour of facing the Home Nation in their 1st game they are going to be immense! I can honestly see our party pool being the closest of them all with three teams all on three wins. Having already been in the same group as Japan the Scots have a healthy respect for them and on home ground they cannot be taken lightly. Good luck to Ireland but if both of our teams are to progress they will have to scale Mt. Fuji first!


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