This weekend we will all spend hours watching The Natwest 6 Nations Championship come to a conclusion. Yet in “The 6 Nations B” tournament, Spain will have a chance of qualifying for the World Cup for the first time since 1999.

If this happens it will be great news for Spanish Rugby and indeed for World Rugby.

Spain have never been well known for rugby, falling behind Georgia and Romania in their European competition in most years. They are much more famous for sports like football and tennis. If the Spanish can reach the World Cup, people will sit up. People will begin to learn about a team who haven’t been at Rugby’s showpiece this century. Rugby will begin to grow properly in Spain and we all want this great sport to get bigger. New fans will watch the world cup because their team are in it.

Scotland and the Women’s World Cup

I watched the Women’s World Cup last year in Ireland with little interest, well woman’s rugby in general. That was because my country, Scotland, were not at the World Cup and were losing almost all the time when they did play. Now they are on the up and Women’s rugby is being taken much more seriously than say 12 months ago. Certainly where I am from. Success for your country brings new people to our game. That is what I believe will happen in Spain if they can achieve what many people believed was impossible only a couple of months ago.

Spanish Results

Let’s go over 2 results which really got Spain to this stage. The first one was when they beat Romania, the defending champions, at home. This means that if they make it nobody can be against them qualifying and understand that they shouldn’t be taken for granted in Japan. About 15 thousand fans turned out to watch that game, although that is nothing compared to 6 Nations games, it’s still a decent number. It’s about the average attendance of a professional club game in Europe.

The other game is when Spain dismantled Germany. I don’t know much about this game but remember they stunned Romania last year. Of course, they recovered but last year I generally felt their conquerors would be flying to Japan in 2019. When I say dismantled I don’t mean by about 20 or 30 points. Spain won 84-10 again in front of 15 thousand supporters. This is amazing. I am going to add that Spain also lost by only 10 points to Georgia, a team I believe should be given a chance in the 6 Nations.

If Spain beat Belgium on the same day as Super Saturday, so many supporters will join the great rugby culture. To add to Spain’s progress they are hosting the European Champions and Challenge Cup this year. So many locals will get a chance to watch Europe’s best in action.

This could be a brilliant year for Spanish Rugby but it all depends on this week’s match, arguably the biggest game in Spanish Rugby history!


Author: Archie Craigie Halkett

Hi, my name is Archie Craigie Halkett. I am a massive Scottish rugby fan. I’m involved with the game quite a lot. I play rugby for my school and my local rugby club. I am a level one qualified rugby referee and a regular contributor to off-line and on-line rugby magazines/publications.


  1. What I think is really cool about Spanish Rugby is how they haven’t used residency to gain players from larger cuntries and that their coach is spanish. This is a truely spanish team and i think i’m right in saying they’re the only tier 2 team to have a homegrown coach so well done and good luck to Los Leones.

    • Ollie, most of the team if foreign born. Many are eligible due to Spanish ancestry (all those born in France), but others became eligible by residency after playing in Spanish league. The only truth is about Spanish coach and most of their staff.

  2. Bizarre to see a mention to Women’s Rugby World Cup without saying that it was Spain the team who left Scotland out of that tournament 😉

  3. It is worth mentioning that Spain was helped by referees in 2 out of their 4 games played this year, the most important ones, against Russia and Romania.

  4. Hi Archie, really good article. I really wish we could get more access to 2nd and 3rd tier rugby coverage and a strong European competition will only make that more possible. Keep up the good work and enjoy your rugby!

    • I actually watched the game, as I support Spain in REC. Could you please point a few wrong decisions made by the referee?

      • I streamed it. I was watching the robbery take place live There was so much inconsistency in the way the ref was officiating the breakdown. Spain were being penalized like there was no tomorrow. But the same standard in the break down was not applied to Belgium it was obvious. It was crazy i swear Belgium were barely penalized and Spain got penalized like more than 15 times i lost count. Also a clear high tackle on the Spanish player i dont know how the the ref didnt see it. A lot of offside tackles by Belgium were let go. I need to watch the game but im sure im only scratching the surface.The first half wasn’t officiated as badly as the second though

  5. A Great finish by spain

    For the result against germany it has to said that german federation is in the middle of some internal trouble so they really didn’t perfom


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