Last night the Lions were duped into playing Super Rugby by the fantastic Highlanders.

The result will read 23-22 to the home side for eternity. It will also go down in ‘Lander’s folklore as the night they tamed the Lions… with more than half the first team missing. Why is this? Why can a team made up of some of the finest rugby nations on the planet lose to a team depleted of regulars?

Here in The Shed, we see the main culprit being game management, which in turn led to open rugby. The Lions players strayed away from what worked so well for them against the Crusaders and got into an open brand of rugby. An open brand that they are not equipped to deal with.

Questions from the outside looking in are being raised. Did Gatland ask his players to play this way? Will he be pleased? Will he be venomous? So many questions to answer and so little time. Time is not on the side of most of the players that took the field last night with regards to making the test side. Disappointment will be the main taste in the mouth even after a couple of Southern craft beers. But in fairness, no one will be more disappointed than the Scottish talisman Stuart Hogg.

The 1014 Show

Don’t miss the in-depth discussion from The Shed where we get into the detail of where and why it went wrong for the Lions.

So much to talk about, so many subplots, so many subtleties. Check it all out in our post-match review and podcast.



Author: Steven Prescott

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