The Lions turned up in Christchurch on Saturday and silenced more than a few critics.

What a tough week it had been for Warren Gatland and his team, but he has bought himself some respite from the circling hordes. In fairness, after two matches there were questions being raised and based on performance alone the questions were valid. Well, a lot of those questions will cease to exist now.

We have seen glimpses of what this Lions side is capable of. Yes, it is true they left a lot of points out there, but it is also true that they created enough opportunities to score. If the ball goes to hand then the score could have blown out. They have put into place some nice structures, built a framework and will spend the next 12 days refining it behind closed doors.

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There is a lot to be taken from this game, both from a Lions and All Blacks perspective. The Lions roared into life on Saturday and showed that if they continue to build we could be in for one of the great Test Series of modern times.



Author: Steven Prescott

I am a total sports fanatic; it is as simple as that. I love all sports, and when I’m not sitting at my computer living my dream with The 1014, I am planning adventures. The last time I did this I ended up convincing my wife to cycle 26,125km across three continents, and 22 countries with me as part of the Pedalling Prescotts.


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