The Playbook

The Playbook. How to write, create content and get involved in The 1014 Rugby.

The 1014 Rugby – The Tone and The 10 and 14 Characters

The 1014 Rugby represents the first steps on the journey into the world of sport. We often get into sport with our best friend, sibling or cousin. That journey begins with friendship and continues because it’s fun. Sport starts with friendship and fun long before it ever becomes competitive and representative honours come along at elite levels.

The Playbook

The 10 and 14 are two kids, best mates starting their journey into sport. That journey may take them to school, club, representative level, overseas or just the back garden. They grow up and take with them the love of sport, loyalty to teammates and respect for the opposition.

This is the foundation and the core of all content on The 1014 Rugby. When creating content for The 1014 Rugby, we want our authors to view the sports world through the 10 and 14 lenses, create content that they would like to check out. We want to bring sportsmanship back into sports content.

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same
(taken from ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling)

Who we are looking for

We are looking for anyone that is positive and knowledgeable about rugby that wants to create rugby content. Rugby fans often know and care more about their chosen team(s) than the so-called experts. We are providing the platform for the community rugby journalist to create and publish content based on the values of our great game (passion, integrity, respect).

We are looking for enthusiastic writers, editors, photographers, videographers, social media buffs (Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube etc.), meme and gif creators.

No experience is needed, we will help you through the steps required to get involved with The 1014 Rugby. Mobile, shareable rugby content is new to everyone; you could be better at it than anyone else. You could be a student, a doctor, a plumber or a banker it doesn’t matter. As long as you have a positive passion for rugby, we would love to hear from you. Let’s build a rugby community that shows respect in every sense. A community that we can all be proud of.


If you already work in sport and want more exposure for your brand or business, we could help each other out. You could create content around your brand and team up with us to publish it through our social channels and spread the word. If you are a sports professional, a coach, a trainer, a sports scientist, physiotherapist or anything else sports related, let us know if you want to work with us.

We want to make it easy as possible for you to join The 1014 Rugby and start creating content with us. If you have downloaded the App, scroll to the bottom or go to the menu on the top left hand side and go to the Join the team link. If you are on the website go to the Join the team link on the top of the page.

Fill the form out and submit a (maximum) 500-word article. Send it to us, we’ll review it, and if it is good to go, we’ll contact you to get your permission and publish it, easy!

Writing Content

A rugby article stating that Brodie Retallick is rubbish just won’t get published by The 1014 Rugby. Not because we don’t agree with that opinion (we don’t by the way!), but because it is a negative perspective of a sportsperson. However, if you believe there is a better player in his position in New Zealand who should be selected over Retallick and you can back it up… Well, that’s an interesting article that would get published by The 1014 Rugby.

There are three different types of article that you can write for The 1014 Rugby: a News Article, an Opinion Article and an Analysis Article.

News Article

These are the kind of topics covered in News Articles:

  • Match/Event previews
  • Match/event reports
  • Player injury comeback announcements
  • Player moving club/team
  • Team announcements
  • New coach rumour
  • Player contract rumour
  • Player retires
  • Selection rumours and comments
  • Match build up
  • Player/coach interview
  • Schools, local club, overseas reports

News Article from Existing Content

A great way to inspire a News Article is through existing content online. It could be something that triggers your interest from a radio interview, a newspaper column, a tv snippet, a website, Twitter post, Facebook post, Instagram photo or podcast. You may hear an interview from a player that triggers off a train of thought, something unique. The key here is to create an original piece of content around that source. You must filter the source through The 1014 Rugby lens and reveal something original. You must also reference the original content. Copyright online is a complex issue, and we don’t want to take any chances. We will credit the source and drive traffic back to it.

Opinion Article

An Opinion Article simply put, offers your opinion on a topic, your perspective. This is a long form article that can showcase your unique insight to any given sports topic. Here are a few topic examples.

  • The new tackle laws in Rugby
  • Drugs in sport
  • Concussion in sport
  • How to make Super Rugby better
  • How to get more people to play sport
  • Your prediction for the season ahead
  • Your take on a team selection
  • Analysis Article

    If you know your stuff about rugby, if you can write about game plans, defensive patterns, attack plays and individual player analysis, well, we would love to hear from you. You may be an aspiring coach or a coach on the way up the ladder and want to showcase your knowledge. Or, you may just spot things that your friends can’t. Maybe you are a statistics person and know all sorts of details and can pair different patterns of stats into interesting observations. Analysis Articles are real eye-openers, and we love them at The 1014 Rugby. The deeper you can go and show your knowledge and unique insight the better.

    The 1014 Writing Style

    Mastering The 1014 writing style will help our editors to do their jobs and help you get published quickly.


    • Articles should be mobile ready. Remember most of our readers will read your content via our app on a small screen, so your style will need to suit these devices. This means, short, sharp and articulate, making it a quick read and sharable.
    • Articles should be under 450 words. However, the exceptions to this rule are Analysis and Opinion articles, which can be longer.
    • Paragraphs should be around 150 words or less, so break up your article accordingly. Lots of paragraphs mean lots of white space and better readability.
    • Sentences should be short and punchy, about 20 words or less.
    • Use sub-headings if appropriate to break up the page. You can also break it up with quotes, Twitter links, photos and animated gifs.


    • Headlines are very important for SEO and for boosting your chances of being read and shared.
    • Your headline should say what the article is about and be dynamic and interesting enough to draw the reader in. Remember what the 10 and the 14 characters want to read that is, the human element to the story. This will help you develop a good headline.
    • Your headline should be less than 80 characters so it can be read easily on a mobile device.

    Leading paragraph

    • The lead paragraph should give a summary of the key points in your article.
    • It should be between 135 and 160 characters, as this is often displayed on a search engine, directly under the search.
    • It should also include the feature word (again, more on this below).


    • Tags help search engines find your article so you should aim to include between 4 and 10 tags for each article
    • For example, an article about Steve Hansen preparing for The Lions Series, tags could include Steve Hansen, All Blacks, British & Irish Lions, The Lions, New Zealand rugby.

    Linking and embedding content

    It will save our editors time, making it faster for you to be published, if you can embed Tweets, Instagram, Facebook and website links into your article.

    Embed a Tweet

    1. Identify the Tweet you want to embed. Click on the little grey chevron at the top right of the Tweet (looks similar to a “v”).

    The Playbook - embed a tweet

    2. Executing #1 will bring up the following screen. If you want to include the media, which usually means an image or a video then leave that tick box ticked. Copy the text (make sure you copy all of it).

    The Playbook - embed a tweet part two

    3. Paste the text into your WordPress article and add the align=”center” to the blockquote tag. This is important to keep everything uniform.

    The Playbook - embed a tweet part three

    4. Make sure you have copied everything in #2. Including the below highlighted script tag. If you don’t then your Tweet will not show.

    The Playbook - embed a tweet part four

    Embedded Tweet example

    Embed Instagram

    1. Click on the three dots “…” at the bottom right of the Instagram post and that will bring up the ability to Embed the post. Click Embed.

    2. Clicking Embed from #1 will bring up the following. If you want to keep the caption then leave the Include Caption tick box ticked. Click the Copy Embed Code button.

    3. Paste it into WordPress and make sure that the script tag is in the code you pasted. If it is not then the Instagram will not show up.

    Embedded Instagram example

    A post shared by The 1014 (@the1014rugby) on

    Embed a quote (without author reference)

    1. Add the blockquote tag around the quote.

    2. This results in the following.

    I tried my best out there to hopefully put myself in better position going forward, but I can’t do anything about it.

    Embed a quote (with author reference)

    1. Add the blockquote tag around the quote (and add the cite tag within the blockquote tag) like this.

    2. This results in the following.

    The Cheetahs are safe.
    Harrold Vister


    We predominantly use two sites for images:

    1. Wiki Commons
    2. Flickr – It is important that we are allowed to use the image too. So we usually look at the “All creative commons” images.

    For images; don’t worry about inserting them into the article, just let us know what the URL is and we can do the rest.

    Grammar, spelling and proofreading

    This is the main area that takes up our editors time. Please take time to proofread your writing.

    There are so many resources online to help you with your spelling and grammar; please run your article through them before you pass it onto us. Remember to use UK English and not USA English in your checks.

    For spelling and grammar check out Grammarly.

    Are you uncertain about when to use an apostrophe?

    When and where to use capital letters.

    Original content and avoiding plagiarism

    We can’t take any risks with copyright and plagiarism. We have to guarantee that all content on The 1014 Rugby is legal and above board and we will be very strict on this.

    All sources must be credited clearly and linked to. That includes images, video, sounds etc…

    There are rules and regulations on what you can and can’t do. If in doubt, please ask.

    There are proper ways to go about everything. The best way to find out is to browse around the App and see the way we are doing things. Have a look at the Existing Content section of this Playbook.