The first round of the Rugby Championship threw up an extraordinary game in Sydney and one that was a joy to behold in Port Elizabeth.

Australia v New Zealand

The halftime scoreline of 6-40 tells a story; as does the 6-54 scoreline with barely 50 minutes gone on the clock. For the game to end 34-54 is remarkable.

  • Were the Australians that bad across the park in the first half? Or was it a handful of players that let them down?
  • Was the All Blacks bench taught a lesson by the Australian bench?

There is just so much to talk about, analyse and critique.

South Africa v Argentina

This match showed that the South Africans are on the up and up and they look to have learnt a lot of lessons from last season. It also highlighted that given space and time, the Argentinians can cut a team to pieces from anywhere on the field. If both teams can continue to build on this performance then it will stand them in good stead moving forward towards 2019.

These questions and a lot more are discussed. If you have any interest in the Rugby World Cup, your enjoyment will increase if you get amongst this series.

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Author: Steven Prescott

I am a total sports fanatic; it is as simple as that. I love all sports, and when I’m not sitting at my computer living my dream with The 1014, I am planning adventures. The last time I did this I ended up convincing my wife to cycle 26,125km across three continents, and 22 countries with me as part of the Pedalling Prescotts.


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