Rethinking Data

Our ability to apply science, engineering and design to data is radically changing the sports data industry.

Unlimited Sports Data

We are developing a unique way to gather, create and harvest raw data from camera footage. Using machine vision and motion capture we can capture and accurately index data in real-time.

This level of accuracy will solve the data validation problem. Too many companies are gathering data on the suspicion that it will be useful, without knowing exactly what data is needed to increase performance. TEN14 will solve that problem by providing the industry will large volume of accurate sports data.

The real-time aspect of gathering data from camera is where speed comes in, speed the human lead gathering techniques just can’t compete with.

Insights as a Service

We take take the raw data and apply intelligence to it, this creates new data – brand new, verified, original data. Our science team have created a working Sport modeller that utilises AI to create unique data insightful data.

All businesses are looking for certainty and look to make forecasts or predictions to minimise future risk, but to make great predictions you need lots of data. However,

there simply is not enough historic data out there, particularly a professional level where the current sample sizes just aren’t big enough to make it worthwhile, accurate predictions, this is where our full sport AI modeller comes in.

We are able to take the raw data and run thousands of “simulated games”. Each simulated game creates a new set of unique data. The results of our AI Sports Modeller have been proven and validated. We are now able to predict and forecast sports outcomes with alarming accuracy.

Analytics Platform

In 2017 Gareth and Steven started creating sports content on YouTube in a really unique way.

They designed, developed, and tested different types, tones, styles and lengths of content to see what was sticky and what engaged an audience using the ‘Design, Build, Test, and Learn’ process.

Using the same process, they also studied the context of the content; when, where, and how to deliver it, using analytics to study and replicate what worked.

As a result, they grew their YouTube channel from 0 to 25,000 subscribers. This is where the real learning happened, by studying every comment (about 40,000 of them) they learned how to use sports data to build and engage a sports community.

They took this knowledge and, created, trialed, and tested a sports content plan for true sports engagement. This plan works for any arena sport, from full seasons to tournaments in that season, right down into individual games. As a result of this engagement platform, TEN14 was approached by Sky Sport to run a full season of Super Rugby and All Black rugby fan engagement.

Data driven Story telling

The Heroic Trinity is a commonly used but not commonly known technique for storytelling and engaging an audience. It uses the head, the heart, and the hands as three main characters.

Star Trek has three main characters, Captain Kirk as the hands, Spook as the head, and Dr Bones the heart. The journey belongs to Captain Kirk, the audience experiences the story through his eyes but he consults with a head character Spook. Spook is a very logical head driven almost cold kind of character, and then there are Bones an emotional heart driven character. These three combine to create the perfect story.

The same is true with Harry Potter, it’s Harry’s story- ‘the hands’, but he consults with a head-driven logical character, Hermione. The emotional is Ron Wesley who experiences the world through the heart but it is Harry’s story we are told – the Hands.

We’ve applied this proven story technique to sports data in a unique way and it’s these intersecting points that make us unique.

Get the data you need

With a proven history in data collection and story telling, we have the industry knowledge and expertise to create engaging and informative sports data.