The Solution

We have developed a process to model complex biological systems by combining mechanistic models with artificial intelligence and data-driven approaches.

This hybrid approach can achieve better results than using singular strategies typically employed.

The Solution

Our Approach

TEN14 has developed Sample Efficient Algorithms (SEA) that meet or exceed the accuracy of existing approaches to labeling sports footage.

This efficiency enables us to label sporting contests in a fraction of the time and cost associated with current approaches.

We have also developed novel methods that allow us to validate the accuracy of our labeling with a high degree of certainty. These methods allow us to determine the maximum practical accuracy that can be achieved given a certain quality of input data.

Knowing this accuracy level allows us to know precisely when our algorithms are performing well enough and therefore avoids the high costs associated with chasing gains that do not exist.

Supply Solutions



We can transform raw data at volume to create massive data sets.



Our Sample Efficient Algorithms can generate results that exceed the accuracy of existing approaches.



Our process can isolate the specific data and quantity required to make a measured difference.

Efficiency Solutions



Our process offers real-time indexed data collection from footage and enables live inquiries.



TEN14 has developed TRINITY, a proven engagement formula designed to connect fans, teams, coaches, and organizations to sport and data in a compelling way.

Get the data you need

With a proven history in data collection and story telling, we have the industry knowledge and expertise to create engaging and informative sports data.