The 1014 Rugby were incredibly fortunate to get a Keith Wood Interview in The Shed. Keith goes into great detail about a number of topics around what makes a captain tick.

With the Six Nations in full swing, The 1014 felt it was hugely important to get insight from a captain who has been there and done that. Keith Wood is not only a former Irish captain, he also sits in the upper echelons with the great Lions and was the inaugural World Player of the Year.

In the Keith Wood Interview, we touch on subjects like:

  • How was he told that he was captain of Ireland? In all honesty, this is a great story by itself.
  • What was it like playing with all of those legends at Harlequins?
  • Was he aware of the history and everything that goes with being a captain?
  • We discuss the fame that came with being so successful on the Lions tour to South Africa.
  • Did he have a say in Brian O’Driscoll becoming the next Irish captain?
  • There is an answer to The 1014 question like never before.

There is a lot more in this interview than outlined above. Keith certainly does not give one-liner answers. There is real depth and thought behind each and every answer. And if I am completely honest, the answers and insights completely blew me away.

If you have any interest whatsoever in the Six Nations do not miss this interview.

From The Shed

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  1. This was a fascinating interview, I love the way you used Gareth’s in depth knowledge and connections to get so much more from Keith than the kind of surface level stuff found in mainstream media. You guys have done some outstanding interviews with some big names, for example I could listen to Eddie O’Sullivan talk rugby all day long, but I think this was actually the best yet.


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