Six Nations 2018 Tournament Review from The 1014 Rugby

Six Nations 2018 has finished with Ireland taking out a Grand Slam and England finishing an almost unbelievable 5th after back-to-back titles. The Six Nations is a great tournament, but we know that some of the coaches have their eyes on 2019. What can we pick out from the numbers from this season? And how do those numbers look moving forward? All this and a lot more.


The following outlines the finishing positions of all teams since 2008. There are patterns that are worth discussing. It is also worth pointing out that Ireland finished 5th in 2013, just to go out and win back-to-back tournaments in 2014 and 2015.

Six Nations 2018 Review
The last 11 seasons

This year’s table has some telling stories. Scotland’s relative lack of tries, France’s great defence, Ireland’s abundance of tries and Italy’s best return since the early 2000s in terms of tries. Oh, and Wales finished a magnificent 2nd.

Team stats

Six Nations 2018 Review

Game on game analysis

This analysis is unique to The 1014 Rugby. It gives insight into where teams are perhaps trialling players, where combinations are too strong to break and what rotation looks like.

Player stats

All of these slides and more and discussed in depth in The 1014 Rugby’s Six Nations 2018 Tournament Review.

From The Shed

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