The Six Nations draw is often underplayed, however, it is one of the most crucial pieces in putting together a successful Six Nations puzzle.

This year’s Six Nations draw is a replica of the final round last year in which Wales, Scotland and Ireland were successful. Will this be the case in the first round this year?

Six Nations Draw

It would appear that Wales’ draw is incredibly favourable, if they can get past a French side, low on confidence on the opening night in Paris. But what about Scotland? Scotland are currently on a six game winning streak at home in the Six Nations, second only to the Irish home winning streak. Can they extend this streak to nine and be in contention?

Why Wales’ Six Nations fixtures holds the key to this year’s tournament

England will not be looking forward to travelling to Dublin on opening weekend, no matter what anyone says. However, should they get past Ireland they will be hugely confident. France starts with two away games, which is never easy and the Italians have a mountain to climb at Murrayfield.

Further to the draw is the possibility that Ireland can take the number one ranking off the All Blacks in this Six Nations. A huge number of moving parts will go into this, however, it is possible.

The All Blacks have been at number one since their test against Italy at the San Siro in 2009. Can Ireland take number one? Can Ireland go back-to-back Grand Slams? No one has done that this century!

Let us know your thoughts on the draw of your team and your expectations for the Six Nations.

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