The Six Nations Form Guide examines the form of all six teams since last years instalment of the tournament.

The form of a number of the teams will be quite surprising.

Six Nations Form Guide

Since last year’s Six Nations the teams have played six or seven tests with varying degrees of success.

In the June tests, Ireland and Wales’ form was sublime with Ireland winning a series in Australia and Wales putting an end to Daniel Hourcade’s reign as the Argentinian coach. England ended their six-game (five tests) losing run in South Africa. Scotland lost to the USA which did nothing to remove the concern of their form on the road. France went to New Zealand and returned with a largely expected result, although, they played some fine rugby and were possibly treated poorly with cards. And Italy had a mixed bag in Japan.

The Autumn proved to be the best for the Northern Hemisphere teams in history with Wales going unbeaten for the first time. Ireland beat New Zealand for the first time in Ireland and England ran the All Blacks very close. France will be disappointed with their form and Scotland will rue missed opportunities against South Africa. Italy have to be happy with their physiologically impressive win against the Georgians.

All of this and much, much more.

Warren Gatland’s Interview preview.

The following is a sneak preview of the teams’ form.

Six Nations Form Guide
Six Nations Form Guide

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Let us know your thoughts on the current form of your team and your expectations for the Six Nations.

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