In the Six Nations Preview Analysis The 1014 Rugby preview how the Six Nations teams like to play.

The following are covered in detail:

  1. England’s tackle technique
  2. Ireland’s pod system
  3. Scotland’s incredibly talented backline
  4. Wales’ defensive wall

Sadly, there was not time to cover off France and Italy.

Six Nations Preview Analysis

Will Ireland be able to go back-to-back Grand Slams and take the World number one ranking from New Zealand? Can England improve on their 5th place finish last year? Surely they won’t finish that low again. Particularly in World Cup year. What do we make of Scotland’s incredible backline of raw, natural talent? Can Finn Russell step up and consistently knock on the door of World Class 10s? Will Wales be able to build on their 9 game winning streak whilst breaking their current away form?

For more analysis on the Six Nations, check out these two videos:

Video: Six Nations Draw

Video: Six Nations Form

Let us know your thoughts on the Six Nations Preview Analysis of your team and your expectations for the Six Nations.

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