Six Nations Week 3 Review from The 1014 Rugby

The big talking points form Week 3 of the Six Nations were:

  • Has France found an attack?
  • Is there something hindering Guilhem Guirado?
  • Where is Italy losing out?
  • Is Boni out of his depth? Is Negri the new Parisse?
  • How on earth did Ireland keep that much ball against Wales?
  • Can Wales turn their efficiency of attack into more points?
  • How did Scotland expose England in the Calcutta Cup?

All of this and more is discussed in detail like never before. There is new tech on show throughout and the stats provided by Opta are highlighting insights like never before. Like the fact, Finn Russell took the ball to the line half as much as he did in the previous matches. Does this correlate to his massive performance? And the distribution from Farrell at 12 for England is on a different level to all other 12s on the planet.

France v Italy

France v Italy Six Nations Week 3 Preview
France v Italy team lineups
France v Italy Second Screen
Action areas
Courtesy of Opta

Ireland v Wales

Ireland v Wales Six Nations Week 3 Preview
Ireland v Wales team lineups
Ireland v Wales Second Screen action areas
Courtesy of Opta

Scotland v England

Scotland v England Six Nations Week 3 Preview
Scotland v England team lineups
Scotland v England Second Screen action areas
Courtesy of Opta

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