In a little over two months, on November 17th, World Rugby will decide who hosts the 2023 RWC.

Here at The 1014 we have been asking the question about who should host it. We have asked people to take their patriotic hat off and come to the table with ideas. By and large, this has been well received and the feedback has been excellent. The following outlines some of the ideas that have been put forward.

Banker, chancer, banker, chancer

There was an interesting proposal from long time commentator thomas huey on our YouTube channel, who after taking his Irish hat off suggests, “the allocation of venues usually goes banker, chancer, banker, chancer. Remember RWC still has to fund the world game. So a smaller RWC (NZ) or new chance/explorative venue (Japan) is usually followed by a big banker venue to fill the coffers – France, England, SA.“.

The argument here is that Ireland may not be able to generate enough revenue, certainly at the gate, as their stadia are smaller than those in SA or France. But I can’t imagine there would be an empty seat at any match. The WRWC that was just held there was a testament to Ireland and what they can achieve.

Add to this Owen Issac making an interesting point with regards to Ireland’s geographical location, “As going from England to Japan and then to Ireland, the proximity of the UK for 2 out of 3 World Cups may not be favourable to their bid.”, and there will be concerns for the Irish.

The one thing that will not concern the Irish or World Rugby is the ability to make the World Cup a success. The Emerald Isle would thrive on the world stage. And as thomas huey also suggested, “it’d be the biggest thing for Irish grass roots rugby ever.

it’d be the biggest thing for Irish grass roots rugby ever.

House in order

Looking at the South African feedback we are seeing there is also a split in confidence. Russell McLaren has this to say, “As a South African fan, I can truly say that we are in no position to host a world cup. Our house is simply not in order. We need to focus on making a comeback in world rugby and simply cannot afford the distraction of a world cup.“. I feel this is a good point, but to what extent would it impact the national team? Perhaps more than we would imagine, perhaps not? But it is interesting nonetheless.

On the flip side, Donovan Maidens makes a good argument for South Africa. He mentions the size of the stadia and interestingly, tourism. “Times are tough and with South Africans exchange rate so favourable for foreign tourists it does make the trip a lot more affordable.“. He goes on to say, very diplomatically that, “I think both countries have more to offer than just the Rugby games.“. And he is spot on, both countries have a hell of a lot to offer.

The third wheel

It is interesting that out of all the feedback we have received no one is really banking on the French. Perhaps this is in their favour, as we all know, they usually rise to the occasion at World Cup time! I guess to a certain extent, the banker, chancer, banker analogy leans towards the French. This said, should they be able to host it so soon after hosting the 2007 event?

My two-cents

For me, history plays a big part in World Cups and the way they have been allocated is no different. Until the Japanese World Cup, it had alternated between the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. It is this fact that makes me believe that South Africa is in with a really solid chance of hosting it. The big thing I think that will go against them is the 2022 Commonwealth Games. The fiasco of Durban obtaining the rights to these and then being stripped of them will not be forgotten easily.

The Irish did such a wonderful job of the WRWC that if there were any doubts, which I doubt there were, they were put to bed. The success of that event can’t be overstated. Add to this the infrastructure that is already in place, the perceived security risk that may be associated with South Africa and the proximity to big viewing numbers on both sides of the Atlantic and you have a great bid.

The French, although being able to run World Cups successfully have, in my opinion, too recently held it. I suspect that will count against them.

Will it be a glasses of Pinotage, pints of Guinness or flutes of Champagne being toasted come November 17th?

Let us know your thoughts.

From The Shed

If you haven’t checked out our WRWC review then get into it. So much quality on display it was insane. And a genuine success for the Emerald Isle.



Author: Steven Prescott

I am a total sports fanatic; it is as simple as that. I love all sports, and when I’m not sitting at my computer living my dream with The 1014, I am planning adventures. The last time I did this I ended up convincing my wife to cycle 26,125km across three continents, and 22 countries with me as part of the Pedalling Prescotts.


  1. Will certainly be interesting where they choose to go, Pichot the Argentinian Rep on the World Rugby Commitee is targeting the 2027 for an Argentine WC. I really hope that Ireland get it, as they would definitly put on a great WC. Definetly think they need to go to new places to help spread the game. Work is under way to get a North America WC with NZ and other club sides going and building influence over there. If yu look at the recent World Rugby Reveiw for 2016, the US now has the 2nd highest player numbers (1.5 Million, up from 0.5 million in 2011).

    Some big decisions on what they want from the game, a real attempt to make the game more global vs guaranteed money generators.

    • I had not seen that stat about 1.5 million players in the US. Incredible. Even more incredible is that it has tripled in 5 years.
      Ireland would host an amazing event. As would Argentina… and I haven’t been to Argentina so it would be a tremendous excuse. Cheers

    • Getting inroads into the US would be very excellent. There has to be a real balance between grass roots and the financial realities of a global sport. The US I think offers a chance to tick both boxes.

      • I know Ireland would do a wonderful job. It is a wonderful country for visitors as the Irish are so friendly. The idea of America is very enticing, but it may be a little to soon. It is unlikely that there will be large crowds, except when Ireland play. The Saracens v Newcastle game in Philadelphia last week was watched by only 6,000. Also the time zones may be difficult for international viewers.

        • I realize I am wrong about the time zones. The east coast of America would be a good time zone for afternoon games.
          4pm Boston = 9pm GMT = 9am Auckland= 6 am Sydney = 10pm Cape Town

  2. Should be about spreading the game, why not try Banker, Chancer, Chancer, Banker.
    Plenty of revenue to be had from TV rights, not all about bums on seats in huge stadiums, most rugby fans, except the fanatics, watch it all on the box.
    Can I suggest Canada with a few of the pool matches to be staged in the USA.
    Ireland and Argentina deserve their turns.
    I don’t want to see the RWC turn into the kind of circus that has plagued football and the Olympics.
    Looking down the road, hope rugby does not become all about huge stadiums built for the occasion, overpriced tickets, massive budgets just to hold hold the event, and the inevitable allegations of bribery !
    Remember the core values we talk about and keep them close.
    I enjoyed watching the WRWC, it had a Corinthian feel to it, you get that with the rugby 7’s as well.
    Keep the big money out, rugby should blaze its own path, spread the game and its values, they belongs to everyone !

    • This is a truly great comment Graham Smyth. I really like the “it had a Corinthian feel to it” comment. I totally agree that chancer, chancer could work and it should be tried. A North American World Cup would be incredible. I heard the other day that in the US alone the numbers have tripled from 500k registered players in 2011 to 1.5m registered players now. And as for Ireland and Argentina, both of those could be incredible tournaments. Cheers

  3. Have to vote with my heart on this, having followed Wales to Dublin for several years, I think a World cup Ireland would be incredible, try opening a tourist map on O’Connell Street without someone coming up to you offering to show you the way!. If they can secure the use of the Gaelic football stadiums there will be no problem with capacities. I think Croke Park is one of the largest stadiums in Europe. Looking ahead I agree with some of the posters that North America is a little too soon, however I would like to see a world cup in Italy for instance, which not only has the stadia but would also help grow the game there. Cheers

    • Thanks for this comment Rob. I think that Ireland have the backing of the Gaelic Football stadiums. I also think they would do a tremendous job.
      North America is too soon, but perhaps in 2031 it would be time for it to go there. Great idea about Italy. Cheers


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